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Our History

Since 1904

The State National Bank of Groom has a history that dates back to the early 20th Century. It grew out of a private banking enterprise in Groom that began in 1904.

Lasting Legacy

The bank survived the panic of 1907, the “Dust Bowl” era of the 1930s, two world wars, and reconstruction periods that followed. It was restructured in 2003, adding new shareholders and directors, and expanding by opening a branch in Amarillo.

Bank of Groom

The original private bank was called Knorpp and Blasdel, Bankers. In 1905 J.W. Knorpp bought the Blasdel interest, and the name was changed to The Bank of Groom. It was reorganized into the State Bank of Groom in 1908. In 1925 the bank surrendered its State Charter and began operation as The State National Bank of Groom.

During the one hundred plus years of the bank’s existence, it has had only eight presidents: John C. Knorpp, J.W. Knorpp, M.L. Steele, C.L. Culver, John D. Howard, Bobby Babcock, Dusty Sloan, and Deke Alexander the current president.

Future Growth

In 2023, local investors with a passion for community and commitment to the Panhandle region joined legacy shareholders to expand the Bank’s products, services, and locations to better serve the Bank’s existing and future customers.

Mission & Values

Helping build legacies, enhance communities and enrich lives.

Locally Owned.

We aim to know our customers and community, answer questions, provide personalized solutions, and ensure you’re always banking on your terms.

Legacy Inspired.

Our past is an essential part of our future, remembering where we have come from and the journey of the people, our customers, who have made it all possible.

Community Driven.

Whether through the deployment of capital locally, job creation, or community service, we strive to make our community a better place to live, work and worship.

Culture Statements

Every customer has a name, every name has a story, and every story needs a community bank!
It’s not about what we want from the community. It’s about what we want for the community.
We develop bankers who transform communities.
We invest in every story because every story matters.
Every person has the unique opportunity to leave their thumbprint.
Every customer relationship presents an opportunity to enhance lives and our community.

Meet The Team

No bank can truly reach its potential if the staff is left behind. We invest in the team, they invest in the community, and the community will invest in us!

“I love how SNB has been community, family and God oriented from the beginning. Those values are embraced by the team and conveyed to our customers.”

Lissa S.State National Bank Team Member

Deke Alexander


Pam Ashford

SVP, Cashier

Cassie Ashford

EVP, Branch & Bank Operations

Lindsey Pels

EVP, Operations Director

Lissa Schoenenberger

Executive Administrative Assistant

Bobby Jo Lane

Bookkeeping / Operations

Carrie Noble

AVP, Customer Service Representative

Sharon Prather

Bookkeeping / Operations

Bill Stewart

Consultant, Lending Department

Lexie Booyse

Teller / New Accounts Representative

Meet The Board

State National Bank’s commitment to your banking needs has never been more substantial. We will continue to deliver the same superior customer service that you have come to expect and deserve.

“It is surreal and also a great honor to be a part of the future of State National Bank”

Lance O.State National Bank Board Member

Deke Alexander

Lance Ollinger

Ken Burger

Sheri Urbanczyk

Zane Smith

Bart Boren